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In organic search, you don’t have to continually pay to be seen, and once you’ve reached the first page of Google (and you have quality content and a trustworthy site), you’ll often stick there for a long period of time (depending on the amount of competition). How would you make that search engine understand your photograph of the best pen in the world? You can use your blog as an informal platform for giving insights into your thought process as it relates to your business. You can review products, offer personal opinions (be careful, of course, to avoid serious controversy) and answer questions. Even if your blog readers aren’t ready to purchase your products or services, they’ll be more likely to turn to you when they are. Most searches are short because of what economist and psychologist Herbert Simon called bounded rationality. We exert the smallest effort (short queries) to get an adequate result. We exert more effort (query refinement) only if the initial work didn’t get us what we needed.

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Smart content improves the effectiveness and ROI of the material produced by making itself more discoverable and consumable. Google is pushing towards more Get your sums right - the primary resources are all available. Its as easy as KS2 Maths or like your ABC. Its that easy! and more personalized search results, so in order for you to perform well, you’ll have to ensure that you provide a better user experience that keeps people on your site. Proposition development is about working out who your customers or audience are; what you can sell or promote to them online; how they will find your site; and what will convince them to do business with you. Googlebot is the name of Google’s web crawler. A web crawler is an automated program that systematically browses the Internet for new web pages. This is called web-indexing or web-spidering.

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Links to page resources such as images, CSS and JavaScript should all be working. It’s a simple but necessary fix that can have a large impact on search rankings. The authority of the website or webpage linking to your site is also key. A few high authority links are far more valuable then many from low quality sites. Invalid CSS can cause pages to be incorrectly displayed which means visitors may not see your content as intended.

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On the Internet, people tend to scan text rather than read it from cover to cover. That’s why you should provide a clear structure of each piece of content. Use headlines, subheadings, bullets and bolds in the most relevant sections of your copy. This is why marketers need to take steps to avoid it: if a search engine determines your content as thin it will limit your rankings just as much as a site that spams keywords without providing useful information. Content marketing is a highly viable digital marketing strategy, designed to attract and drive traffic to your website or specific landing pages According to Gaz Hall, a UK SEO Consultant : "The right threshold for you may differ."

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Who wants more traffic? The A great example that I like to use is Heat All. process is iterative, so data gathered from ongoing monitoring feeds back into future campaign planning. Quality always beats quantity. Better have 1 trusted website referring to you, than 10 spammy ones. As these could harm your site or even lead to Google penalizing you. Once you have built a great website and filled it with great resources, you need to tell people about it!